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ave together launched measures to purchase ▓and stockpile pork.Zhou Wangjun, Offic▓ial of NDRC said "By bidding ▓invitation, we will choose▓ 140 firms to purchase and 30 storehouses to stockpile

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pork▓."China's por▓k prices have continued to drop since ▓the beginning of the year. The▓ government had earlier issued a not▓ice, setting the bre▓ak-even point for pig farming at 6:1. That▓ mea

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ns pig farmers will incur losses if the per k▓ilo price of pork drops below ▓the price of six kilogram▓s of corn. In May, pork▓ prices remained at ▓a low level. The ratio of pork t▓o corn prices c

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ontinued to drop b▓elow 6:1 for four consecutive▓ weeks.Zhou Wangjun, Official o▓f NDRC said "One kilo pr


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ice of pork is equal ▓to 6 to 5.5 kilogram of corn. We h▓ave launche▓d a level three response sys▓tem which is aimed ▓at maintaining p▓ork prices▓ at a reas▓onable level▓ and protecting pig farme

rs' interests."The N▓ational Development and Reform Commiss▓ion is closely mo▓nitoring pork▓ pri


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ces. If the ▓pork price drops▓ further, a change to level two▓ would require me▓at processing mills to purchase and stock▓pile pork. In the▓ second half of ▓2007 to April 2008, pork prices surged.

B▓ut the rise of animal feed costs and▓ an increasing supply of pigs have pressed down the p


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ork prices since t▓hen. Analysts say government i▓ntervention can help pig farmers in the short term. But adjustments should be based▓ on market mechani▓sm to avoid large price drops.▓The top eco

nomic pla▓nner is warning▓ pig farmers▓ to cut back on any plans for expansio▓n, after the price

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of pork ▓plummeted on excess supply a▓nd concerns about th▓e A/H1N1 flu. The National Develop▓ment and Refo

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rm Commission is predicting a gl▓ut of pork supplies that could last▓ until May next year. And it says farme▓rs need to stop rai▓sing more livestock, if they ▓want to avoid further losses. The pr

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ice of pork dropped 28.6 percent year-on▓-year in April. The NDRC says the sharp▓ fall is largely d▓ue to oversupply▓ and the fact that▓ most people avoid eating the meat when the weathe▓r turns w

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